Exercise For Belly Fat Loss at Home


  •                          Weight of body, fat, bone and water in total body weight.

  •                              When we lose weight properly, the most fat is low.
  •                    It strengthens the muscles; its calorie intake reduces its mass
Are not you losing weight despite all the efforts? Is there any use from Walk and Exercise? If so, it is important for you to know where the fault is happening. It is said that much of everything is bad. If you are overweight, it can prove to be harmful not only for physical health but also for mental emotional health. If you are not able to reduce the weight despite understanding this danger then do not panic. It may be that, unknowingly, right now, there are fewer shortcomings left in your efforts, which are not letting you lose weight. These easy ways can reduce your weight.
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Why grows weight 

To lose weight, first of all, it is weight to know that the weight of your weight increases. Behind weight gain may be stress, genetic reasons, sleep absence, thyroid or thyroid changes occurring during weight. In such a situation, it is necessary to make changes in diet and exercise.

Weight Loss Rules

Weight of body, fat, bone and water in total body weight. When we lose weight properly, the most fat is low. This strengthens the muscles and longs its mass from low calorie diets, the level of fat does not increase. There is weakness and fatigue due to lack of adequate nutrition. The shape of the body seems to get worse. That is, if the weight increases even after making a lot of diets, then it is important to see what we are doing. Keep in mind that weight loss is not a one or two day process.

Create practical goals

To lose weight it is most important that your goal should be practical. The target should be that, even if it starts slow but it is beneficial for you for a long time. Target to lose weight of 2 to 3 kg each month. Try to reduce your weight by one percent every week.

Balance is necessary 

In early enthusiasm, people start exercising and reduce food. As a result, the metabolic rate decreases in the absence of adequate diet. It initially weighs less, but later it starts to grow. It is important to follow some rules. Do some simple exercises before starting exercises. Make balances in both cardio and weight training. Also add balanced diet to food.
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Avoid Carbohydrates 

Some people stop carbohydrate completely in the food due to early weight loss, and in doing so, they forget that the lesser of the habit that makes the body the most, it reduces its desire by reducing it. Carbohydrate is very important for our body, it provides energy to our body. Reduce the products made from bread, white rice, biscuits and flour in carbohydrates and get a home-made balanced diet. 

Food rules

To reduce the weight, remove this thing from the brain that breakfast, lunch or dinner can be easily reduced by weight except for a one-time meal. This does not necessarily provide nutrition to the body. Never find an option to eat Eat right and balanced amounts at certain times. Taking some of the light food in the place of food is neither satisfying nor nourishing. Of course, during the next meal, if you eat too much amounts in an unbalanced manner then it will become a cause of weight gain.

Choice of wrong diet

Every body has different dietary needs. Do not take any diet without knowing. Long-term adoption of crush diet based on soup and salad reduces weight, but it does not last forever. Removal of protein, i.e. egg, milk, paneer and poultry products completely from the diet, weaknesses in the muscles, hair and nails break, irregular old age begins to appear and the color of the face goes away. Nutrition and pocket-friendly diet can only last.

Take care of these things too 

  • Reduce salt in the food. Even though your taste will get worse, this will benefit you.
  • Make Kapalabhati pranayama daily for 10 minutes. Apart from decreasing fat, breathing problems are also beneficial.
  • Do not skip food at any time. The feeling of hunger is excessive due to food intake.
  • Fill the kitchen with Healthy Foods As much as eating healthy and Easy to digest food, they will be able to reduce fat as soon as possible.
  • Chew the food for a long time. The more you chew, the more your body will take less calories.
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