Do not ignore the vibrations or pain in the legs, symptoms of this disease

You must have seen them, who frequently complains of vibration, stretch or pain during sleeping. In the absence of the right information, people often consider it as arthritis or osteoporosis and begin using calcium without consulting the doctor. Yet they can not get rid of pain because it is a neurological disease. Due to non-treatment at the right time, due to age, this problem can be transformed into Parkinson's. Therefore, treatment of the symptoms at the right time by recognizing its symptoms is very important.

Do not ignore the vibrations or pain in the legs, symptoms of this disease
Do not ignore the vibrations or pain in the legs, symptoms of this disease

What is the reason

In normal condition, the flow of electrical waves through the neurotransmitters from the brain to maintain the legs muscles and joints active. In the situation of sitting or lying, the flow stops automatically but when vibrations are continuously flowing from the brain, the vibrations continue in the legs even while lying or sitting. In fact, the hormone dopamine emitted from the brain regulates the flow of these waves, and due to its deficiency, these waves are continuously flowing in the same way as if the tap keeps on continuously dripping water drops.

Apart from this, patients with diabetes and kidney can also have such a problem. Even during pregnancy, some women have such problems, which are automatically removed after delivery. They also have such problems due to the hormonal imbalance in the body. In patients with high blood pressure, these symptoms can be seen many times. Many times genetic factors are also responsible for this problem. Iron and Vitamin B-12 deficiency is also the main reason.

Major signs

By the way, this problem can happen to anyone, but usually it is only after the age of forty years that its symptoms are noticed. Feeling like pain in the stomach like arthritis, but feeling restlessness and restlessness with restless leg syndrome. This also affects sleep. The person feels that there is some crawling within his legs and he gets some relief by moving them. Therefore, such patients are unknowingly shaking their feet. Sleeping or sleeping increases the pain and increases but there is little relief when you get up and running. Whereas in the case of arthritis, after getting up in the morning after sleeping, there is a severe pain in the feet of the person and it is easy to lie on the night.
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