Heart Attack Treatment At Home:life will be saved immediately after the heart attack.

Heart Attack Treatment At Home
Heart attack is a deadly condition. On being a heart attack, there is usually a severe pain in the person's chest that the person loses his physical and mental balance. Not only this, people present in the situation like heart attack do not even understand what to do in the panic. But if patients with heart attack are given immediate first aid and assistance then their life can be saved. Let's tell you why it comes to heart attack and how to give attack. First aid for patients.

heart attack treatment at home
heart attack treatment at home

Why the Heart Attack(heart attack treatment at home)

All parts of our body need oxygen to work. These oxygen reaches all the parts of the body through our blood. Generally, condition of heart attack occurs when the right amount of oxygen does not reach the heart. Our heart is made up of highly sensitive fibers. If only oxygen does not reach any part of the heart for a few seconds, then sensitive tissue dies in that part. After such a delay, the oxygen reaches the part of the heart, so that part of the body stops working and the patient dies.
heart attack treatment at home
heart attack treatment at home

There may be many reasons for not reaching the oxygen to the heart like blood thickening, not enough blood in the body, plumbing in the arteries etc. When a heart attack comes, the patient has severe pain in the chest and he may lose his physical balance and fall to the ground. In such a way, if the patient is assisted at the right time by some first aid then his life can be saved.

Use of Aspirin on Heart Attack(heart attack treatment at home)

On arrival of heart attack, the patient should be given primary treatment immediately and should be treated immediately by taking him to the hospital. Seeing signs of heart attack immediately after the patient has given 300 mg of aspirin pill or no one is present around the patient, then the patient should take the pill as soon as possible. A small quantity of aspirin dilutes blood, allowing immediate relief in the condition of heart attack due to the accumulation of plaque or due to the formation of a blood clot in the arteries. In such a situation, sucking aspirin can also be taken. Even if a person suddenly has severe chest pain or falls unconscious, it can also be a symptom of heart attack. In this case, immediate medical assistance should be given to the person. Rest is also an important part of treatment. If there is an IPO complaint, So giving oxygen therapy is beneficial. Regardless of all these conditions, call the ambulance as soon as possible and ask for immediate help.

Pump the patient's chest by pressing(heart attack treatment at home)

The work of our heart is to pump the blood. In the event of heart attack, the heart stops working; in order to supply blood to other parts of the body, you should give CPR (cardiopulmonary reshacitation) to the patient. In the CPR, it is necessary to suppress the person's chest and breathe it in the mouth. It helps in giving oxygen to the body and brain. According to the guidelines of the American Heart Association, whether you have taken or did not take a little training of CPR, you should start CPR with Chip Compressions in such a situation.
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