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Amazon 10th July Quiz Answers

Today 10th July Amazon Quiz Answers – Win Prize

Amazon 10 July Quiz Answers , Amazon Today’s Quiz Answers , Amazon All Correct Answers Of 10th July 2019 Quiz – Hi Guys, Another Day Another Quiz From Amazon As A Part Of Amazon Daily Quiz Time.
Today Amazon Has Announced Amazon 9th July Quiz. You Have to Give Correct Answers Of 5 Questions Asked By Amazon & You Can Win Free Prize From Amazon.
We Have Updated All Correct Answers Of This Amazon 10th July Quiz, So Just Give Right Answers According to That & Based On Luck, You Can Win Something Big.
Amazon 17 June Quiz Answers

Amazon 10th July Quiz Details 

  • Quiz Time – 8 AM to 12 PM, 10th July 2019
  • Today’s Quiz Prize –
  • Total Number Of Winners – 10 Winners
  • Winners Announcement Date – 30th July 2019

How To Play This Amazon 10th July Quiz & Win Prize

1, First Of All, Just Open This Amazon Today’s Quiz Page
2. Make Sure You Open This Page In Amazon Application (Don’t Open in Web Browser)
3. If You Are Unable To Find 9th July Quiz Then – Just Open Amazon App > Go To Home Page > Scroll Down Below On Page > You Will Find Quiz Banner
4. Click On Banner & Click Start Now To Start This 10th July Amazon Quiz
5. Now Give Correct Answers Of All 5 Questions Asked By Amazon.
If You are Unable to Find The correct Answers Then Just Follow Below Posted correct Answers Of This Amazon Quiz Of 10th July.

Amazon 10th July Quiz Answers 

We are Updating….
After Filling All Answers correctly, You Will See Success Banner Like Below. Based On Luck Amazon Will Announce Winners List Of This Quiz on 30th July 2019. Keep your Eyes On it.

All Other Live Amazon Quiz Answers 

Amazon AmazFit Quiz Answers – 10th July 

  • Q1 – Amazfit Brand Of Smartwatches Comes From Which Of The Following Parent Companies? Ans – Huami
  • Q2 – Huami Is The Exclusive Provider Of Wearable Technology For Xiaomi, And Also The Maker Of ______ Range Of Activity Trackers. Fill In The Blanks. Ans – Mi Band
  • Q3 – Which Of These Is NOT A Smartwatch By Amazfit? Ans – Amazfit Speed
  • Q4 – Which Of The Following Is A Feature Of Amazfit BIP Lite? Ans – All Of The Above
  • Q5 – The Amazfit BIP Lite Can Provide Up To ______ Days Of Battery Life On A Single Charge. Fill In The Blanks. Ans – 45 Days

Amazon Intel Quiz Answers – 10th July 

  • Question 1 – Before it was coined as Intel, the company was known as __ when it was founded in 1968. Fill in the blanks. Answer – NM Electronics
  • Question 2- Who among these is the inventor of the USB? Hint – He led the team at Intel that created the protocol. Answer – Ajay Bhatt
  • Question 3 – Which of these phrases is associated with the brand Intel? Answer – Experience what’s inside
  • Question 4 – The first ever commercially available microprocessor by Intel was used in which device? Answer – Calculator
  • Question 5 – Which of these is the latest in the Intel processor family? Answer – Core i9

Amazon Maggi Fusian Quiz Answers – 10th July 

  • 1) MAGGI Fusian is a new range of noodles from MAGGI with flavors inspired by which cuisine? Answer: Asian
  • 2) Flavors from which of these cities/countries is NOT part of the MAGGI Fusian noodle range? Answer: Cape Town
  • 3) Inspired by pan-Asian cuisine, Maggi Fusian will be launching in a range of 3 unique flavors. Which of the below is NOT a flavor it will be available in? Answer: Korean Peppy Masala
  • 4) MAGGI Fusian limited edition Asia Pack comes with __ packs of noodles in it. Fill in the blanks. Answer: 12
  • 5) When will the MAGGI Fusian range of noodles be launching on Answer: Amazon Prime Day 2019

Amazon Special Edition TIGI Quiz Answers – 10th July 

  • 1. Under British rule, Delhi only became the capital of India in 1911. Which city was India’s capital before this? Answer – Calcutta (kolkata)
  • 2. The ‘National Institution for Transforming India’ is a policy think tank of the Government of India, established with the aim to achieve sustainable development goals. By which other name is it know? Answer – NITI Aayog
  • 3. The first passenger train in India ran between Bombay (Mumbai) and ___ in 1853. Fill in the blanks. Answer – Thane
  • 4. The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world. As of 2019, how many articles does it have? Answer – 449
  • 5. In a historic accord, this year’s Republic Day parade has an all-women contingent marching at Rajpath. Which army unit do they belong to? Answer – Assam Rifles

Amazon Home Centre Quiz Answers – 10th July 

  • Q1 – Home Centre Offers A Wide Range Of Products For Your Home And Furnishing Needs. Which Of These Products Will You NOT Find At Home Centre? Ans – Footwear
  • Q2 – The Distinct Home Centre Logo Is In Which Color? Ans – Green
  • Q3 – Which Celebrity Chef Is Associated With The Home Centre Brand? Ans – Ranveer Brar
  • Q4 – You Can Now Shop For Home Centre Online On Amazon.In. When Is The Brand Launching On Amazon? Ans – Amazon Prime Day 2019
  • Q5 – Which Of These Benefits/Offers Can You Avail While Shopping For Home Centre Furniture Products On Amazon.In? Ans – All Of These

Amazon Galaxy M40 Quiz Answers – 10th July 

  • 1) Which of these color variants is the Samsung Galaxy M40 available in? Ans- All Of The Above
  • 2) Which of these phrases is associated with Samsung Galaxy M40? Ans- O My God
  • 3) The Samsung Galaxy M40 is powered by which processor? Ans- Snapdragon 675
  • 4) Does the Samsung Galaxy M40 support 4k recording? Ans- Yes
  • 5) How many lenses does the rear camera of Samsung Galaxy M40 have? Ans- 3

More Details Of This Amazon 10th July Quiz :

This Contest will commence on 10th July 2019 from 08:00:01 a.m. (IST) to 10th July 12:00:00 p.m. (IST) (“Contest Period”
In order to be eligible for the Contest, during the Contest Period you must sign-in to or sign-up from an account on the App (“ App”).
Once you have signed-in to the App, you can participate by navigating to the page where 5 (five) questions will be posted during the entire Contest Period.
Thereafter, if you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will be entitled for a lucky draw which will be carried out amongst participants who have answered that particular question correctly.

The draw of lots will be carried out during the Contest Period for the questions and a total of 1 (one) participant will be selected as winners by a random draw of lots.
The declared winner(s) will be eligible for winning a Prize (hereinafter referred to as “Prize(s)”).
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